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Jasmine Dawson with GongAll you will need to do is to lie back and allow the sounds of the gongs to wash over you and resonate through you.  Become bathed in their sounds.  It will be like having a massage with sound, tuning you to the greatest possible resonance.

Because of the randomness of the sound the brain has no set pattern to follow, so it gives up and allows the whole body to let go.  Then you move beyond your physicality and become totally attuned to the real self.  The vibrations of the Gong have encouraged your brain waves to change and move from a Beta (waking state) to Delta (deep meditation) which is re-energising and immensely good for your well-being.

The sounds and vibration that arise from this out pouring of sound, are like a great cosmic choir, so that you feel immersed as if in a sea of sound and vibration that feels as if it is within and all around you.  The tones and resonance play upon the body at the cellular, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of your being.

The effects of a gong bath may be:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Feeling of well being
  • Release of stress and tension
  • State of meditation
  • Personal transformation
  • Relieves aches and pain

Participants' comments:

"Not knowing what to expect I went along with an open mind.  Within a very short time I am totally relaxed and enjoying the sounds washing over me.  Letting go seemed really important so I sang along, made noises and just disappeared into the experience.  It is now one week later and  I have found the week to have opened up in some mysterious way and good things have been happening.  Perhaps  it made some change in my mental state but I certainly feel better."

"This was an extremely relaxing session, very calmng and safe, not rushed at all.   All the different sounds were very relaxing and gentle.   Had aches and pains before the session, but these went by the end.   Thank you!"

"This was a truly awakening experience.   I felt incredibly connected to my surroundings."

"The gong bath took me into a really deep relaxation, lots of healing and vibrations.   I loved it and will definitely come back for more."

"I had a very physical esxperience and it seems to have done something for my back pain.   Very relaxing and highly enjoyable.   I'd love to do it again.   Thank you!"   Monica

"I felt extremely safe and warm with a wonderful soothing feeling in my whole mind, body and spirit.   I came away feeling lighter, replenished and with a greater sense of relaxation throughout my entire being."

"Amazing!"   Pauline

"A whole week later and I am still feeling amazing!"   Pauline

Group gong baths at Being Sound Holistic Health are given by Jasmine Delmonde and are normally thirty to forty minutes;   one-to-one sessions will be for an hour.


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